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Rock Cancer C.A.R.E literally saved the life of a client named Steve. We had gone to pick him up for his cancer treatment appointment, and instead found him passed out. Steve had overdosed on medications, and needed immediate 9-1-1 assistance. We waited with him and prayed until the ambulance arrived to rush him to the hospital. Steve would like to thank Rock Cancer C.A.R.E for finding him, and ensuring that he received critical life saving help.


A series of unfortunate events had unfolded for Thomas. He lost his mother to cancer, his paycheck never arrived, he ran out of food, and he was about to lose his housing. Rock Cancer C.A.R.E ensured that he had the basic necessities needed to survive – housing, food, safety, and a Bible – and then provided transportation and support so that he could come to The Rock to find the Lord. Thomas is now a Christian, and believes in Romans 8 35-39: in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.


Sally is a middle-aged, single woman, with no family in town, living in a one room studio in San Diego. She has a rare form of advanced cancer and arthritis. Rock Cancer C.A.R.E recognized that due to these circumstances, Sally needed a lot of support. Therefore, we provided transportation, compassion, support, friendship, and hope for her. As a result, Sally has blossomed. Despite her serious health challenges, she currently has a beautiful, positive nature and spirit, a colorful style of “dressing to the nines” for her treatment appointments, and loves viewing dancing and the arts.

*Please note that all names have been changed to protect privacy.

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