Shelly Holley
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Make it Illegal for Physicians to Profit from writing Prescriptions

As time progresses the proof that GMO's are deadly to all living creatures is becoming more and more obvious and certain, and at the same time more and more Farmers are being sued for Monsanto's plants contaminating their crops, and making it impossible to grow organic foods, when really it is Monsanto that should be paying the fines, and certainly not collecting any money from the farmers. But with our corrupt gov't and supreme court , justice is not possible through them. It is up to us, yes the citizens of the USA and more, to bring justice to our world and OUTLAW all GMO's being grown ANYWHERE. We cannot just sit and watch as organic farmers go out of business and our world gets taken over with only farms that grow poison. So please sign this petition and pass it on to as many people as you can. Thanks

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