Dion Cardinal
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Save Our Native Treaty Rights

This taxation is right across the board, including elderly couples who have separate rooms due to ill health, separated couples who for 1 reason or another choose( maybe no choice through costs of moving) to live in same house but have separate bedrooms, single dads.. who need a separate room for their children to stay overnight, same with grandparents who have their grandchildren stay overnight .. i have 5 sons, 8 grandchildren (6 boys ,2 girls) why shouldnt they be allowed to come and stay without sharing a bedroom with myself or my youngest son who has Downs Syndrome, 19 yrs of age .. this tax is a massive pressure on family life, most of us cant afford to book hotels ect , i have 1 extra bedroom, definitely not a mansion, we have lived here almost 15years .. i feel my life is starting to crash down around me, due to people not understanding the hardship they cause by making such 'reforms'


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