David Paine
David Paine campaign supporter

SIGN the Sandy Hook Global Sympathy Card

please join me to help stop the violence in continuing to send out this cause to all of your friends and from their to their friends and so on.
My little Brothers life was ended Dec 20th just 5 days short of xmas by 2 gun robber's who wanted money that he didn't have and only manage to take his wallet..My Brother was against violence and he hated guns..he believed in helping others ..he was a good young man who loved life and loved people..They Broke us when they took him awaybut with your help in reaching 5000 people you give us hope that there's still good people out here who want the same ..wish is to protect our children from violence and to teach them that picking up a gun and using violence is not the way ... Don't allow them to win this battle please i hope my Brother's death wasn't in vain and that he was right about reaching out about stopping the violence..
I noticed he had lots of people who said they would stand by him prove it....Join me and him in spirit to continue to fight this battle. thank you.


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