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Do you believe that Televised Alcohol Adverts will be banned in 2013?

Guys and Gals, we are wanting to perform a small research project for bothe the Centreal Drug Authority, the Alcohol manufacturing community as well as the Local Drug Action Committee. We understand that loading 'causes' may take a few extra seconds in loading, but please people. This poll is of vital significance, especially in the para-statal's GCEO's comment that although mandated by Government they would not be axing any employees from positions and that the enitity was now making a siignificant profit. Much of their advertising revenue comprises this profit but more importantly is that a large portion of this Adspend comes from Alcohol manufacturers. And think carefully before answering since the Government make almost 64% from Manufacturers revenue, including 'sin'tax - little, if any is used torward, Prevention, Education, Awarness campaigns, nor Addiction Recovery Treatment, bearing in mind two issues, Alcohol is THE gateway drug. It is the largest problem drug in the country. It will take moments of your time but make a difference in the lives of Millions of people, since RSA, has the largest Addict population, as a nation, internationally. With almost 20% or 1 in 5 people having a Substance Misuse or Abuse problem. We will also be taking this up with Dr Vincent Maphai , CSI manager of SAB and Communications director, Robyn Chalmers. Please guys, only you can make the difference in making our world a better, more secure environment, so answer the poll and make a difference in the world today. It is a small, minute inconvenience for you but can change the lives of other, eternally. Thanks, Sean XS ;-)


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In order to have the state provide Substance Abuse Diversion programmes for the symptom of crime often associated with the progression of the disease of Addiction and which will necessitate Government and SAB Miller, Distell  & KWV to provide for CSI based initiatives from these bodies and drug manufacturers to establish Equal Opportunity and Community Addiction Recovery Centres to assist the…

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We humbly request your signature in an attempt to get the President and his relevnt Departments as well as the Central Drug Authority to change course and begin recognising that only through the provision of Equal Opportunity beds will Addicts become well and reduce the rate of recidivism (re-arrests). Also the 25% unemployment rate does not help and neither does the fact that the majority of…

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