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Recruiting Additional Members and invitation to visit ACT - Addiction Can be Treated latest news developments to be found on'Divisional News'

Please Peoples, we sent out a Pledge for you, as members'to take so thatwe can increse our membership and begin making a serious difference with regard to the stigmatisation of Mental Health Disorders, not least of which includes Substance Abuse, which is a 'no fault' disease brought about by genetic predisposession and childhood environmental factors, particularly, early childhood, whilst those with lifestyle diseases of Type II diabetes, Some heart conditions, Hypertension et al receive all the sympathy and empathy in the world, which is non-sence as these are directly related, in most cases to lifestyle issues such as obesity, smoking, drinking, not eating correctly, non management of stress etc. So please help us and make a concerted effort to increace our fellow membership. Thanks Everyone. Sean

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In order to have the state provide Substance Abuse Diversion programmes for the symptom of crime often associated with the progression of the disease of Addiction and which will necessitate Government and SAB Miller, Distell  & KWV to provide for CSI based initiatives from these bodies and drug manufacturers to establish Equal Opportunity and Community Addiction Recovery Centres to assist the…

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We humbly request your signature in an attempt to get the President and his relevnt Departments as well as the Central Drug Authority to change course and begin recognising that only through the provision of Equal Opportunity beds will Addicts become well and reduce the rate of recidivism (re-arrests). Also the 25% unemployment rate does not help and neither does the fact that the majority of…

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