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Want to know why hunger still exists in the 21st century? Give Roger Thurow 20 minutes and he’ll tell you.

After journalist-turned-agriculture activist Roger Thurow witnessed the famine in Ethiopia in 2003 first hand, he dropped everything and devoted his life to answering this mind-boggling question: Why are Africa’s small farmers some of the continent’s hungriest people?

Kudos to Roger for not only being brave enough to ask this question, but for doing all the research to be able to answer it, too. We’ve worked with Roger for over a year now at ONE (and read both his books, too) – and this TEDx Talk from him brought tears to my eyes. We have never seen such die-hard passion and sincerity in an activist until now, and I am proud to say I work with him. Please find 20 minutes today to watch this video.

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