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justice in ireland   perjury is a crime against the administertion of justice and the case is taken by the director on behalf of the people of ireland   i wish to have(thomas morey )  back before the courts to  give account on what happened on the night  the three killed my boy in an senless and horrible  way  my son was a hard working young man the father of a young son a member of our…

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as you are aware this case began with the murder of my 20 year old son john butler 7th 10th 2002 as a result of the garda investigation  cecil lynch and jerry ross were brought before the four courts in Dublin to stand trial for my son.s murder as part of there investigation the garda had a signed statement from Thomas morey giving details of his involvement in the murder of john butler and also…

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justice in ireland   my ref'' dear sirs.i am writing to request an appeal of the sentance handed down to (thomas morey )  conviced of perjury and obstructing the course of justice .he received a one year custodial sentance for the crime as you are aware this case it  began with the murder of my son john butler on the 07/10/ a result of a garda investigation as part of their investigation…

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