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Zoë doesn't let challenges stop her - stage one completed!

What do wild boars, confusing bike trails and climbing 3500 feet have in common? Zoë Romano has tackled them all this past week while successfully completing the first stage of her journey run. Zoë is attempting to make history this spring by being the first person to run, on foot, the route of the Tour de France. And, she’s doing it to save and change lives for World Pediatric Project.

“I believe we all can accomplish our dreams,” she explains. “And by dreaming big and challenging myself to accomplish my dream, I can raise awareness and funds for World Pediatric Project. I want children in need of life-saving care to have the opportunity to grow up and live their dreams.”

Zoë knows that every dream, and every journey, comes with unexpected challenges. In addition to running a marathon every day this week, she’s gotten lost, encountered terrifying wild boars and scaled 3500 feet. Still, she’s undeterred.

“I’m tired but excited to have completed the first stage of my run. This is what life is all about. We encounter obstacles but we keep pursuing our dreams.”

Zoë will take a rest day on Saturday and then begin her second week of running.

To follow her journey visit her blog at www.zoegoesrunning.com. Donations of $25 or more will receive an official Team Zoë t-shirt.

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