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Looking for ways to support and honour our military and security service members who protect our security and freedom. These military members do this knowing that they could be sacrificing their lives for the safety of the country. They do not ask for any recognition for the risks they take to protect the safety of the citizens.

These soldiers gave up their personal and social lives at home to go and defend the country. They made a decision to leave their families in exchange for protecting their families, and all of our families as well. The soldiers made sacrifices because they love our country and wanted to protect us.
The title given to our men and women fighting in the country is that of soldiers. Yet they have other titles, as well: father, husband, brother, sister, uncle and aunt. The soldiers are just like all of us; they have families who love them. When you do not support the troops not only are you hurting their morale, you are hurting the morale of those who love them. When a soldier dies, so does a relative of someone back home.

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