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Help Us Spread the Word by Sharing This Video

Hi All,

Please help us spread the word about our documentary webisodes (you can watch them here: ( by sharing this trailer with your friends and family. You can post the link to the YouTube trailer on your social media pages and share it that way, or you can send the link to your personal network via email.

The documentary webisodes that we have posted online explore:

1. The fascinating tale of Juan Gomez, an exceptional student, who was almost deported in 2007, and

2. The heroic struggle of the national youth activist movement advocating for passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the Dream Act.

The documentary webisodes will give you, and your friends and family, a clear snapshot of what's been happening up to now on the immigration reform front and why Congress is debating passage of an immigration reform bill right now.

Please help us to get to our goal of 1,000 views by sharing the trailer.

Thank you!

Aldo Bello

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