Mia Savage
Mia Savage campaign leader

People go to jail every day. They are criminals. Who cares? What's this all about?

"People go to jail every day. They are criminals and bad people, who deserve to be put away".

Long ago, I used to think like that too. But allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mia Savage, and I am a formerly incarcerated mother, and living proof that good people go to jail and come home to do good in the neighborhood. I found statues in my local court district that addressed this, but weren't being used or considered by attorney or court officials and could have kept so many people out of the system (regardless of perceived innocence or guilt, that isn't the real issue here). I am proud of who I am today, and determined in my struggle to fight for justice; which has led me on an epic journey in considering the human condition as the fiber that links us as humanity, because it is a thread slowly unraveling.This is about the value of life and preserving and securing our children who are our only foundation and future. People make mistakes and should not be defined by them or their past. And what of our children? What are they learning from the ways we treat and refuse to forgive and help each other? We have a moral obligation to the children that we protect and nurture them, and we have all fallen short. Just look at the news headlines for the sad truth. We all have to live and learn. The time has come now to think, and grow. Please support Mothers Against Mass Incarceration, and sign our petition.

Legislation will be submitted as a result of this campaign that mandates that we cannot or should not incarcerate a woman without true and fair cause that she is a danger to the community by being outside (or single unwed father solely responsible for a child) that cares for one or more children under the age of 13. Tangible and solid proof of this must be provided by sentencing, and can be addressed by avenue of appeal or motion to reconsider a case if all appeals are exhausted. This way we discourage the school to prison pipeline for youth, and break the cycle of crime, poverty and addiction in families without harm, and prevent unnecessary and costly legal procedures. This is a public health and safety approach to crime control that employs restorative justice techniques, and is holistic while being evidence based. It differs from current "alternatives to incarceration" programs because of criteria the "offender" would have to meet in order to qualify. However, the criteria will be broad enough to make a significant impact for families in our communities, and bring mothers home who are sorely needed and missed by their families, with the tools and assistance they will need to positively re-establish their lives post incarceration, for those who are currently inside. The main focus is keeping single parents, specifically mothers, from being entangled in sentencing guidelines that do not fit the situation and cause greater harm to the fabric of our society by locking them away, and not addressing the root cause of crime, allowing the cycle to continue. Thanks for reading, and for your continued support of this growing campaign.

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