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Kelly Morehead campaign leader

Protest & Rally for the Seals of Namibia

Friday, May 31, 2013 ( 9:00am until 11:00am

Embassy of the Republic of Namibia (

"Did you know the Namibian seal hunt is responsible for the largest slaughter of wildlife in Africa? It is considered to be the most brutal of ALL culls and is second only to the slaughter of harp seals in Canada.From the 1st of July, 85 thousand Cape Fur seal pups will be savagely beaten to death for their fur pelts. Six thousand bulls will be shot so that their penises may be used to make an ineffective aphrodisiac. For the next 139 days, terrified pups will be rounded up, separated from their mothers and be violently beaten to death. The colony will be rounded up at day break. Pups, bulls and cows will be surrounded and kept away from the safety of the sea. Men with clubs move in and the seals run in fear. To kill the animal, the men need to administer a swift blow to the head. This is supposed to cause the cranium to disintegrate. This initial strike is seldom sufficient to kill the animal and, as it tries to take evasive action, it is repeatedly beaten until it is either dead or unconscious. The sealer then stabs the little ones in the throat, sometimes while they are still alive. The baby seals are known to become so terrified that they will vomit up their mothers milk. The sand on the beach is stained pink from all the blood. Carcasses are hurled onto the backs of waiting vehicles and the bulldozers set to work cleaning up the blood before the tourists arrive to view the colony. Each year, despite a declining population, the quota gets increased." This protest to stop the horrendous slaughter of these defenseless baby seals will be in conjunction with the Anti-Fur Society Conference being held from May 31 to June 2 in Alexandria, VA ( ( For the demonstration, I'd like to encourage people to make signs and banners against the killing, as well as bring African (or other) drums so we can make our message heard through Embassy Row. The key to any demo is to have a LARGE turnout so that we attract the most attention possible...the seals of Namibia need us.....will you be there for them?


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