Mia Savage
Mia Savage campaign leader

Why should we care about the children of inmates?

The children of incarcerated parents are the ones who are being punished for our actions, and they deserve a better future that includes their able birth parents' involvement in their raising. 

The criminal justice system does not have the right to severe ties between parent and child, and we should take a stand and be heard so that single mothers (and fathers!) are not preyed upon as easy targets to fuel profit for the prison industrial complex. Not only is it an emotionally painful situation for a child or supportive family member to grasp, it can be financially devastating, and compounds existing problems, such as worsening undiagnosed mental health issues, and prolonging serious untreated medical problems.

When the absence of a parent disables the family to the point that the child is endangered, we have to ask ourselves if this is truly justice, and if the punishment fits the crime, or the punishment soon becomes the crime. 

The pain and trauma caused to families by separation due to short and long term imprisonment is cruel, often irreparable, and in most cases unnecessary. The charges brought against these individuals can be better addressed by a combination of restorative justice and diversionary tactics that address the root cause of the crime committed, and causes no further harm to the family. 

Please lend your voice to the struggle to end the mass incarceration of mothers, and thank you for your continued support.

Please take a moment and read this article that highlights the problem:

http://www.blackbluedog.com/2013/03/news/mother-gets-12-years-prison-for-sending-child-to-the-wrong-school/ (http://www.blackbluedog.com/2013/03/news/mother-gets-12-years-prison-for-sending-child-to-the-wrong-school/)

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