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30,000 people register for an incredible campaign. What's next?

joinStampede has been overwhelmed with more than 30,000 people registering with the world's first campaign to unite people with student debt. To put this into context - one person registered every 3 minutes over the 8 week registration period!

We want to thank you for taking the time to join. Your enthusiasm through your involvement on Causes, Facebook and Twitter helped spread the word across America, and even onto the nightly news (!

This is just the beginning.

Where to from here?

We have already commenced discussions with lenders with the aim of bringing an exclusive discount or rebate to joinStampede's 30,000 members.

You will hear from us on May 16, 2013 when we will provide an update and hopefully an exclusive offer to help reduce the burden of student debt. While an offer is not guaranteed, we will be doing everything we can to use the campaign's collective influence to negotiate better loan terms for you.

Keep an eye out for the email on May 16.



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