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How our Stories can Change our Culture of Violence

On the League's #NoGunsAllowed Tumblr (, you'll find stories that NEED to be told. Because every day, another young person falls victim to gun violence, and most of them don't get headlines.

But their lives mattered. And they are survived by loved ones with wounds that will not heal. And we can't change the past, but we can heal our communities by sharing our personal stories as well as raising up the voices of the victims. 

Will you pay tribute to victims of gun violence by sharing stories on the #NoGunsAllowed Tumblr? (

I spent a memorable 1999 student-teaching 8th grade at an alternative Milwaukee middle school. I'll never forget my students "Dink" and "Hershel," two fearless street anti-heroes, in whose seen-it-all sneer I glimpsed a reflection of the hopelessness that pervades America's ghetto. Dink and Hershel were murdered on the streets of Milwaukee in 2002, before either of them graduated high school. 

I share this because I know that our stories have the power to change the conversation and save lives. More than 100,000 people have died from gun violence since I stopped teaching. The number climbs every week. While policymakers need to stop tripping and pass universal background checks, the hood can't wait for Washington. 

I'm asking you to step up, right now to push back against violence by helping survivors tell their stories and provide a platform for healing and justice. (



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