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Alert: An Apology to Elephants - powerful HBO documentary 22 April

The powerful, thought-provoking HBO-documentary An Apology To Elephants ( debuts on Earth Day on HBO & HBO GO' in the US, Monday 22 April, 7:00-7:45 ET/PT. The film explores the beauty and intelligence of elephants, and tells the troubling story of their exploitation in captivity.
An Apology to Elephants is a call for compassion and better treatment, and a plea to save what's left of the wild in our world.


ElephantVoices' Joyce Poole are among those presenting what elephants are about, and why they don't thrive in captivity. Perhaps you want to watch the trailer (( for An Apology to Elephants, read the synopsis ( or set a reminder ( You should know that these pages may take quite a few seconds to load.

This is what The Hollywood Reporter wrote about the film - "A succinct, graceful argument to save an endangered species (";

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