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Please HELP SAVE the stray dogs from PREDEAL - ROMANIA

Dear friends of animals 

Please be so kind and sign and share this petition : 

Do not send the stray dogs from Predeal to DEATH ! (http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/249/911/390/)

PREDEAL is a tourist resort in the Carpathian Mountains in Brasov County - Romania - . The President of Romania and many dignitaries from the Romanian Government have holidays villas in this town. It has become a custom that every time  the President goes there to spend a week-end or a holiday, dogs disappear from the streets without a trace.A major " clean up " is done.Because the tourists season is about to start, The Town Hall of Predeal has decided to clean up the town and they have called  in the dog catchers from Brasov led by the most NOTORIOUS DOG KILLER in Romania - FLAVIU BARBULESCU - to round up the dogs and to take them in the death camp in RASNOV , where they disappear. The dogs are killed by the hundreds in that shelter, illegally, brutally.

There have been numerous efforts by citizens from Predeal and their friends from international organizations to vaccinate and sterilized the stray dogs living in Predeal. The dogs are NOT aggressive, they do not scare away the tourists, they are all the time exposed to the abuse and bad treatments from many inhabitants of Predeal. This is a DELIBERATE CAMPAIGN to KILL THESE DOGS, initiated by the Mayor of Predeal , Mr. Liviu Cocos, who, declares on the Town Hall's site that he LOVES ANIMALS : http://primaria-predeal.ro/biografie (http://primaria-predeal.ro/biografie)We want to ask the Mayor and the Council to renounce this barbaric activity and to implement the only successful program which will contribute to the reduction of stray dogs : STERILIZATION and return in the territory.We also want to ask the Mayor of Predeal to tell the local Police to STOP tha harassment and intimidation of the citizens and to STOP protecting the illegal actions of  FLAVIU BARBULESCU"s employees. We aks the Mayor of Predeal to STOP SENDING the stray dogs from Predeal in the death camp in Rasnov wher they will be immediatelly killed by the same FLAVIU BARBULESCU's employees. Thank you for signing this petition.  

PLEASE pledge NOT to visit that part of Romania until this HORROR stops for ever. Thank you.


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PLEASE READ, SIGN the petition and SHARE....Thank you...Thank you OFA !!!!!!!!!!! YOU give so much hope to the voiceless and all good people, everywhere.https://www.change.org/petitions/constitutional-court-of-romania-please-reject-the-pl912-modification-proposal-of-the-lower-house I invite you all to join this magnificent voice for animals on Facebook : Occupy for Animals... …

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Tuesday, Sept.10, 2013 : Romania has opened the gates of HELL for the stray dogs...the LEGAL EXTERMINATION has begun. Please read all the information about all the events which led to this BARBARIC decision and take note about the Mass Media manipulation and hysteria which turned half of the population, over night against these poor animals. If you wish, send it too.I will provide emails at the…

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Dear friends, This is an emergcency and a horrible situationDue to a tragic incident in Bucharest ) where a 4 years old child died because of the wounds inflicetd by some dogs ( who were living on a partially deserted construction site, beloging to a developper SR LAGUNA TEI ) because both the victim and his 6 years old brother have been left UNSUPERVISED for more than 20 minutes by their…

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