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Femi Kuti – The World Is Changing.


MUSIC ( – Femi Kuti, son of the famous musician Fela Kuti, Afrobeat continues to wield as a weapon.  The figure of his father, who has long denounced corruption, dictatorship and the influence of multinationals in Africa through his songs and music, mix of local sounds and jazz elements

One must rememberthat people who do nasty things to other people,and are required to do them by their masters,rarely have a sense of humourwhen their actions are questioned.As all of what they do is loveless,when you give them love,this is the one thing they cannot stand. All over England,people are refusing to play the system's game,refusing to live in fear,and returning bad energy to source.All over England,very strange things are happening,as system people crack up,but this is to be expected.You might remember the recent case,where a "top-notch" police inspector killed his family.These things "don't happen",yet they are,and again and again.As we turn the heat upon the evil system,we can expect to see weird and wonderful things happening,as the "bad" guys are removed,one way or another.L ife gives us the tools -all we need do,is use them.The Law of Karma is so simple! Best wishes, Zen (

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