Khalid Hasan
Khalid Hasan campaign leader

Invite your contacts to join this campaign. Boycott Gujarat in real life.

We need more members who can put economic & moral pressure on Gujarat to act against the victims of the 2002 anti-Muslim genocide in Gujarat.

Invite your friends, relatives & FB contacts to join this cause & boycott Gujarat in real life.

Boycott Gujarat socially & economically. Stop buying "Made in Gujarat" goods. Amul, Sintex, Ajanta, Nirma, Fortune Oil (Adani Group) are a few that come to mind immediately. However the list (& possibilities) are endless if we wish & choose  to act.

Narendra Modi wants to show the entire world that inspite of the genocide against Muslims, the state continues to flourish & develop.

He directly means that  Muslims are not needed for the development of Gujarat.

He clearly hints that if he occupies the PM's chair, the same anti-Muslim policies will be repeated across India, state after state, region after region, to subjugate, demoralise & shame Muslims. Give Indian Muslims the same (or even lower)  status as the Rohingya Muslims of Burma.  

Is that acceptable to you? Are you willing to see a mob of thousands of Hindutva activists attacking your home, raping your mothers, sisters & daughters & hacking their bodies therefter, cutting the men & children to pieces or burning them alive? If yes, then do nothing & it will soon happen to you.!!!!!

If you do not want that to happen, ACT NOW. Stand up for justice. Boycott Gujarat NOW.!!!!!!!!


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