Margin Broux
Margin Broux campaign leader

13 Grandmothers in Stockholm, Sweden 11th -14th July 2013

" Don't
be attached to the outcome, I will change forms many times, the Mother of Creation said…"


in Auroras Ring need to let you know that there has been a big change of plans
about the meeting with the 13 Grandmothers in Sweden. The meeting has been moved
to Stockholm and it's vicinity. It's a big change and we
are all in a state of bewilderment about the mystery, sadness of letting go of
something we have longed for, and rekindled hope of creating something new and


The support of the people of the North has been
incredible on all levels! We cannot give thanks enough for the warm welcome and
the belief in that such a unique meeting could take place. At the same time,
there has been a growing concern about the reality that the meeting actually
could manifest with all the responsibilities that it entails. These two
opposite energies have created a standstill, making it impossible to complete
the event in the North at this time.


We are now asked to BE Peace, facing the emotional chaos
that this news may stir up from a peace worker perspective. Now when all the
feelings come to the surface with the frustrations, sadness and desire to find
someone or something to blame, it is our job to meet it with peace, compassion,
and acceptance. Once we go through that process and heal, correct, and put
things back into balance, we are Peace! This is the work of a


We apologize a thousand times to those of you who have
bought tickets for travel to Gällivare. We hope that your travel agency can
assist you in rebooking your tickets.


All of you, who are registered for the meeting in
Gällivare, have the option to cancel if you do not want to participate in


It is still possible to visit Gällivare and Laila up
in the north, details will follow in our next mailing.


We welcome the Grandmothers in Stockholm on the same days,
as the meeting should have taken place in Gällivare, which is on the 11th
to the 14th of July.


The details of the Stockholm meeting will be in the
next mailing.


we call all our Grandmothers and Grandfathers to come to a council meeting in
Stockholm! The meeting is honoring the Sami people and all Indigenous peoples.
It's time to listen to the wisdom of the First Nation People about how we take
care of Life on Earth. We welcome "The International Council of 13
Indigenous Grandmothers." We welcome Laila Spik and representatives of the
Saami people to highlight the wisdom we have here in Sweden that the world needs
to hear. We welcome all who care about Life for the future generations to the
meeting. It's time to put down the old and come together now to stand up for
We welcome you to the Council Gathering in Stockholm!



The time is now


Lisa, Ulla, Clas, Marianne and Pirkko

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