Lisa Michelle Bloor
Lisa Michelle Bloor campaign leader

10 million spent on Margaret Thatcher's funeral but.....

as we all know Margaret thatchers funeral took place in London at a massive cost of 10 million pounds. 10 million that us the Tax payers paid for. But what about the carers and people with disabilities out their that need our support but yet get very little? what about the government telling us over and over again there is no money in the pot to do x,y and z but now they find 10 million for a funeral. I think this is wrong and a lot of others also feel this is wrong. You can not in one minute say there is no money and in the next pull 10 million out of thin air. Stand together with us and sign the these petitions, give carers working tax credits @ ( Say no to abolishing disability living allowance @ ( call for a Cumulative Impact Assessment of Welfare Reform @ ( It is the people that can make change happen, it is us the people that have a right to say no to what is happening. So please stand up against these things and help us make a difference together. Thank you 


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