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How I Became An Elephant Global Release

The long awaited public release of How I Became An Elephant is set for April 23, 2013. 

Mark your calendars. On April 23 How I Became An Elephant (http://www.howibecameanelephant.com/) will be released globally on Itunes. It will also be available in the US, UK, and AU on Google Play, in the US on Amazon, and globally online streaming and download to own on our own websites via Distrify. We are releasing the film almost strictly through online and VOD for the simple reason that we, as conscious filmmakers, intend to pioneer the movement away from wasteful printing, packaging, and shipping and into the greener digital age of film delivery. Realizing that some of our audience still prefers DVDs for viewing and gifting we are making the film available in DVD format through Amazon.

Any website that has the current trailer from Distrify (on our homepage (http://www.howibecameanelephant.com/)) embedded in it will automatically be host to download and streaming rental in one of 7 languages including English, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese. What this means is you can help spread awareness of the plight of Asian elephants and share in the profits, you can embed the trailer in your own website or blog and setup an affiliate program with us through Distrify. You can do this by clicking through to their site after embedding the trailer (on our homepage (http://www.howibecameanelephant.com/)). On the 23rd of April this trailer will have a new "watch now" button allowing viewers to download to own the video or stream a rental in both HD and standard definition.

Netflix and Sony and others to come later.

Thank you all for your patience and for helping us bring this film to the widest audience possible.

The Elephants On The Edge Herd

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