Carlo Ferrandino
Carlo Ferrandino campaign leader

A starting point

Hi All,

Thanks you so much for your present and past support, and thanks in advance for everything we know will be done to ensure this decision is reversed.  As of now, the alumni network and friends of Boston Wrestling are organizing a cohesive strategy to direct our efforts to the best possible allies, and by the most efficient means.  Our community is as resourceful, intelligent, and dynamic as any group of people I could imagine.  We must figure out first why the program was actually dropped (aside from the vague political language we have been presented), then show BU why wrestling must always have a role at the university, then continue our efforts to not only restore, but improve the program and give our student-athletes the best possible experience that our community is capable of providing.  For now, I urge you to please join our pledge to contact various members of the administration to ask questions and voice our case in your own personal ways.  Please share any responses you receive, ideas you have, or insight you might be able to provide.  Thanks again.

Remember always: If there is no struggle, there is no progress

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