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TSON Tweet Bomb! A declaration of war on #SEALHUNT

A declaration of war on #SEALHUNT

This campaign will simply blow you away!

Here is how it works and how through 3 simple steps YOUR contribution to this campaign will make it even MORE effective! EVEN IF YOU DO NOT TWEET!!

Step 1

Follow this link to our website (

There you will find a form to fill in as a pledge to BOYCOTT Namibia. By pushing the "submit" button, you will automatically fire off an email addressed to multiple role players and decision makers such as the Namibian Tourism Board, The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, The Ombudsman, Big Business, local and international media etc. 

The email will inform these people of your decision to BOYCOTT Namibia over the country's bloody brutal annual massacre of 86 000 Cape Fur seals.

Next, we do a little magic trick! After firing off your first salvo, you will AUTOMATICALLY be redirected to THE TWEET BOMB!

Step 2 - Tweet Bomb 

This section of the website has a list of rapid fire "instant tweets" We have done all the work, you simply launch the missiles!

Once again, these tweets are targeted at tourism, Namibian embassies, international news agencies, big business and even A-list celebrities. Some tweets direct the reader to our petitions, some show various images of the seal slaughter, protest actions etc. ALL tweets make it VERY CLEAR that the beating to death of defenceless baby seals is untenable in the extreme. It will not be tolerated any longer. We declare war on terror. 

IF you would like to load your OWN Tweet Bombs by all means!! Our generals from @TheSealsOfNam will be retweeting 24/7 using the hash-tag #SEALHUNT 

Step 3

Recruit more troops for the artillery. Sign up at our recruitment drive on Facebook by joining this event.

Once you have enlisted, invite your ENTIRE company of friends. Get them out on the battle field blasting off Tweet Bombs faster than a fisheries minister can say #SEALHUNT

Why are we doing this??



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