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Aussie pigs

VIA - https://www.facebook.com/pages/CCTV-for-ALL-Slaughterhouses/113902138666401?ref=stream

They don't grow up with a mother, they don't get fresh air, they don't get even a few minutes of someone being nice to them. 
They don't get to feel the sun or the rain or the wind.
They don't get to root around and dig in the earth. 
No family, no love, no kindness and no happiness. 
They know not one single good thing in their lives.
Just bad smells, no space, dirty floors, sickness, misery, pain and death. 
They have 6 months of this hell in the photo and then they're sent to another hell... the slaughterhouse.
We call ourselves a civilized society. We think we're the most intelligent species yet we haven't managed to work out how wrong this is. 

Photo - Animal Liberation ACT and NSW, taken at Wally's Piggery.
More info, photos and petition...
http://www.aussiepigs.com.au/ (http://www.aussiepigs.com.au/)

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