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Over 1100 signatures – UPDATE “Best Interest Of The Child”

voices are getting louder and louder about America's dysfunctional family court
system and how it's failing the families and most of all the children.  The negative political influences and
ignorance to the sensitivities of a stable "child" environment is

tragic static FALSE ALIGATIONS:   In regards
to restraining orders, the phrase "erring on the side of caution" is often
invoked. Using it to describe judicial behavior in restraining order hearings
is misleading, however, for in entering a restraining order, a certain kind of
harm, harm unlikely to be reported in the media, is almost guaranteed to
happen, while the harm the judges wish to prevent, horrific acts of violence
sure to make the papers, is highly unlikely to happen (Dutton, Corvo, &
Hamel, 2009). It is more accurate to characterize the behavior as "erring on
the side of hidden harm."

Similar behavior on the part of government
officials, including judges, is described in Paul Chill's 2003 article "Burden
of Proof Begone: The Pernicious Effect of Emergency Removal in Child Protective
Proceedings" in the context of emergency child removal.

Removing a child from his or her home is
plainly traumatic, but the trauma is not necessarily apprehended by the
government officials making the decision to remove the child. Quoting a former
caseworker describing what she saw at New York City's Emergency Children's
Services, where 30 to 40 children were taken every night following removals, he
notes, "[The people who make removal decisions] don't see a child having a
panic attack at 3 a.m. because he is suddenly alone in the world. Or slamming
his head against a wall out of protest and desperation" (Chill, 2003, p. 458,
quoting Gordon, 2000). Chill remarks: "Such experiences may not only cause
'grief, terror, and feelings of abandonment' but may also 'compromise' a
child's very 'capacity to form secure attachments' and lead to other serious problems"
(Chill, 2003, p. 458).

Despite the trauma caused by emergency
removals, "[t]he number of emergency removals ... has increased steadily for
the past two decades, to the point where they now occur at nearly double the
rate of 20 years ago" (Chill, 2003, p. 458). MANY OF THESE REMOVALS WERE

For more on this report, please go to:

Thank you all for your support but we need to continue to
expose the horrors and the dysfunctional family court system.  Please share our cause with your
friends and family so we my bring change! 
Please help us… please help the children!!  Join us and sign and share "Best Interest Of The Child".  We can and will make a difference!

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