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Did you stand up to be counted to save your joy in Bukit Kiara ? — Lim Chui Choo (

MARCH 18 — "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." — Martin Luther King Jr

A home-made poster hanging near fencing demarcating Bukit Kiara in Kuala Lumpur from where private commercial development is coming up says it simply: "People who destroy Bk Kiara is not only bad people but because good people did not stand up".

About 2,000 supporters including those from a coalition of residents associations (RAs) and NGO The Friends of Bukit Kiara (FoBK) stood up and walked the talk to save Bukit Kiara on March 17 in silent protest to urge the authorities to gazette the forest reserve and against development proposed by a private developer. 

Parents came with young children bearing posters they created with "save the forest and animals". A group of juniors from the Kota Damansara Forest Community walked with a banner asking "What about us?" Ecological thinking has taken root in Malaysia, it seems. 

Indeed, young and old alike from all walks of life are standing up to be counted and heard regarding the depravation and degradation of the environment they live in as seen in the Walk to save Bukit Kiara on March 17. 

A former ambassador, AJ Yahaya, related that "my family and I are saddened by the news that we may lose Bukit Kiara. This wonderful forest reserve-cum-park has given us so much joy, has become part of our lives, and to lose it would be unbearable. Our lives would be scarred forever. That is why my family and I are joining the Walk to save Bukit Kiara." 

Maya, a grandmother who bought seven Save Bukit Kiara Tees for her grandchildren even though the smallest size were way too big for them at the last awareness walk on July 15, 2012, was at the frontline proudly holding up the banner in this walk. 

Expats from the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, the US, even Finland and Sweden who have made Malaysia their second home came, rescheduled their busy Sunday morning activities. Supporters from activity groups of young and old, tai chi, chi gong and line dancing groups in the adjacent park showed up to be counted. 

A pastor and his wife and some Christians walked with their God in Bukit Kiara for one Sunday morning in awareness that "God is everywhere, that He is not confined to any space nor time and that Mother Nature is God-manifest." 

Some Buddhist devotees rescheduled their chanting, meditation and temple duties to practice what the Dharma taught them — to be aware of what is going on and to do what brings happiness to oneself and which benefits the society as well. 

Women supporters wanted the authorities to "listen, listen, listen" to their aspirations for a clean and green Malaysia for their children and grandchildren.

Did you on that fine Sunday morning chose to stand up to be counted for your own joy and to save Bukit Kiara?

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