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Clean and Mean 5: The Marine Corp's Ex-FOB

The U.S. military has identified its dependence on oil as a risk to military operations. In order to power remote military bases an incredible amount of oil has to be shipped in via long fuel convoys. Much of the fuel isn't even used for vehicles but for diesel generators to provide electricity. Getting fuel to forward operating bases in Afghanistan may cost as much as $400 a gallon. 

In order to solve this problem, the Marine Corp has created an outdoor desert laboratory to test new energy saving equipment such as solar panel tents, advanced biofuels and energy efficient generators. That place is called the experimental forward operating base or Ex-FOB. These technologies being developed on the Ex-FOB are making our fighting forces more agile and effective at every Marine FOB in Afghanistan. 

But some in Congress are trying to shut down these efforts. Stand with Operation Free and defend the military's clean energy programs. You can join the fight by sharing our petition. (



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