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Recognizing Gender Inequality

In order to end sexual violence in Texas, we must
first take a step back to see the underlying causes within our own culture.
Gender stereotypes create an atmosphere of inequality and perpetuate the types
of attitudes that can lead to sexual violence. How can we recognize these
harmful stereotypes? Here are a few of the most common stereotypes that we have
about men and women. Compare both columns and see what happens when you switch
the gender of the subject—would you still say the sentence is true?

gender inequality is the first step. We need to challenge our perception of
these and other statements and recognize the underlying inequalities they
perpetuate. The next part – and this takes courage – is to call out harmful
words and attitudes when we see them. Help show the world what Texas is really
made of. Break The Box.

If you haven't already, don't forget to share and take the pledge (http://www.causes.com/breakthebox) to end sexual violence in Texas. 


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