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Clean and Mean 2: The F/A 18 Super Hornet

We are off to a speedy start. Thanks to you we have received over 10,000 signatures! With help from Operation Free members across the country, we will be hosting events advocating for military's clean energy programs in the coming weeks. We are gaining momentum almost as fast as the F/A 18 Super Hornet. 

The F/A 18 Super Hornet is the Navy's incredible multirole fighter jet. The Navy has deployed the Super Hornet since 2001 and it was instrumental in Operation Iraqi Freedom. While carrying a wide array of weapons, the Super Hornet can still reach the blazing speed of 1,190MPH.

The most remarkable thing about the Super Hornet is what is fueling it. The Super Hornet is fueled by a 50-50 biofuel blend of regular jet fuel and a camelina-based biofuel. The U.S. military is developing new clean energy technologies, like advanced biofuels, to reduce our dangerous dependence on oil.

But some in Congress are trying to ground the biofuel-powered Super Hornet. Join the fight to support the military's clean energy programs by sharing our petition ( If just 3 of your friends or family members join us (, we can reach our goal today! Together we'll keep flying forward. 



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