Swamini Saraswati
Swamini Saraswati campaign leader

Ganga's Rights are Our Rights

Every day, 3 billion litres of toxic waste pours illegally into the Ganga River, destroying our natural wonders and killing countless men, women and children.

Enough is enough. When Ganga's rights to flow clean and free are violated, our rights are violated.

Tell Parliament that Ganga's Rights are Our Rights and stop the madness. Support the National Ganga Rights Act.

Sign our Petition Today and Let Your Voice be Heard! (http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Save_the_Ganga_River_Support_the_National_Ganga_Rights_Act/?cFmiRdb)

Learn more at www.gangarights.org (http://www.gangarights.org/).

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