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We have come to a point where we need funds very soon.  Our HUD funding has been delayed and we need some funds to operate and pay staff.  Our immediate need is for $5,500, with additional funding needed later in the month.  Giving is at an all time low and need is at a high.  In the past our supporters have come through in every difficult situation.  We have faith that many will respond.

REMEMBER: There are NO SMALL GIFTS.  Until the need is met, every dollar counts.

You can donate online at our website

www.my-fathers-house.com (http://www.my-fathers-house.com)

and click on the "DONATE" button.  Or call (913) 294-3600 and we can make other arrangements.

*Caution: Funds given via the Causes "Donate" button may be delayed by up to three months.


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