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About campaign leadership search

Please see update #1 below. We are no longer looking for new leaders for this cause. Thank you!

Hello to all,

We are seeking a campaign leader from this community that is passionate about protecting Constitutional rights -- and who has new ideas for launching a great campaign on this issue.  

Please let us know if you're interested in starting a campaign by emailing leadership [at] causes [dot] com (mailto:[email protected]). In your email, include a brief description about why this topic is important to you and an outline of what you'd like to achieve with your campaign!

Please include "Protect the Constitution" in your subject line.

Learn more about what it means to run a campaign on Causes here. (http://support.causes.com/entries/21130647-What-is-a-campaign-)

Thank you!

--Emily and the Causes Community Team

We're not looking for new leaders of this cause at this time. Thank you for your interest! To find other great campaigns to protect the Constitution, visit causes.com (causes.com) and search at the top of the page.



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