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Lisa Mitchell campaign leader

Please Join "Not all young drivers die through speeding!"

I started this cause following the tragic death of my wee sister Clare Mitchell who sadly Lost her Life when her car was struck by a bus at an accident black spot on the 29th of June 2004 while driving home from work. Clare was only 22yrs old when her life was taken behind the wheel. Since losing my sister I began to listen more when people hear a young life has been taken while driving and so many people responded with the words "they were probably speeding!" and this to me is disrespectful to the many young victims and their families. As the majority of young drivers who are killed on our roads were not driving in a reckless way when they were sadly taken from us. Many are sadly just in the wrong place at the wrong time and through no fault of their own have their life's cut short. I want people to stop and think before they give a reply to someone when responding to the tragic news of yet another young driver being killed as this judgemental attitude is so very wrong and I personally think its unfair to label all young drivers as being responsible for their own deaths due to speeding as this simply is untrue for the majority of young people killed. Their loss of life deserves sympathy and respect and not the opposite just because of their age!! Afterall would you be happy to hear someone say this about someone you love such as your brother or sister? So I'm hoping this cause will make others stop and think before saying something negative as it's nobody's right to pass judgement especially without knowing all the facts. The young can be involved in accidents just like the older generation of drivers  so I am trying my best to try and change people's response when it comes to young drivers being killed as for many they are innocent victims who may simply have been involved in a crash at an accident black spot like my sister was so I NEED YOUR HELP with my cause to get my message out to as many people as possible and for this to happen I need a few mins of your time to join my cause and then for you to send an invite to join to all your friends as its so important to me that young people who are involved in such tragedies get the RESPECT Their loss of Life DESERVES!! I know my sister had been driving for a few years with not one accident or incident occurring throughout her time as a driver she was always sensible and courteous towards other drivers and was never one to speed or take stupid risks while driving but sadly her life was taken without warning at a junction that was well known locally to be an optical illusion but yet the numerous deaths at this dangerous junction did not result in the Council or road dept addressing the issues with the junction and adjoining road to see what could be done to bring in safety measures to prevent further deaths. After my sister's death my Mam campaigned non-stop until her pleas were taken seriously and I'm pleased to say that the much needed road alterations and signs to warn oncoming drivers that they were approaching a junction have thankfully now been put up and are now a visual warning for drivers to see and the road layout was also changed since then there has been NO MORE DEATHS At Westlinton Junction but I'm sad that there has been over 10 deaths at that particular junction over the past decade alone. So my experience of losing my sister has give me an insight into how people react to a young drivers life being lost and I feel we owe it to the many innocent law abiding victims to try and change people's perception of this generation of drivers as they are not all bad!! I would be eternally grateful for your help and your support is much appreciated as its nice to know people  care and also agree with me and want to support my cause, so thanks everyone! :-) xxxx

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