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Bono at TED: Eliminating poverty is possible by 2030

ONE Cofounder Bono made the case that eliminating extreme poverty is possible by 2030 during his speech at the 2013 TED Conference (
in Long Beach, Calif., yesterday. The 2005 TED Prize winner said that
transparency, coupled with information technology, is helping to power
the fight to the finish – and a new generation of fact-based activists,
or "factivists," could lead the way.

Bono encouraged the audience of changemakers to fight apathy, cynicism
and inertia and use evidence and statistics to map our path to the "zero
zone." Extreme poverty has already been cut in half over the past 20
years – and by 2030, the number of people living in extreme poverty,
 those living on less than $1.25 a day, would be virtually zero. If we
continue on the current trajectory of progress, we can truly make it

"Why aren't we jumping up and down about this? And 2028, 2030… that's
around the corner," said Bono. "That's only 3 Rolling Stones farewell
tours away. Well, the opportunity is real, but so is the jeopardy. We can't get this done until we really accept that we can get
this done. Look at this graph. It's called inertia… It's how we screw
it up. This one is really beautiful… it's called Momentum."

Bono wrapped up his speech with a call for citizens of the world to join ONE. "We in the ONE campaign ( would
love you to be contagious, spread it, share it, pass it on," he said.
"By doing so, you will join us and countless others in what I truly
believe is the greatest adventure ever taken. The ever-demanding journey
of equality. Could we answer that clarion call of Nelson Mandela with
science, reason, facts and dare I say it, emotion?"

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