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Prayer for the Election of a New Pope

On February 23, the Vatican's Secretariat of State issued an important public communiqué which said in part,

"Catholics are called to focus on what is essential: to pray
for Pope Benedict, to pray that the Holy Spirit enlighten the College of
Cardinals, to pray for the future Pope, trusting that the fate of the barque of
St. Peter is in the hands of God.

Please therefore
join Priests for Life in the special prayer we have composed for this occasion. (

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June 4, 2013 Dear Friends, I need your help today to restore some measure of dignity to the babies Kermit Gosnell aborted! As you know, this abortionist has been convicted of murder for killing babies born alive, and for many other charges as well. And as you may also know, I have requested of the Medical Examiner in Philadelphia to be able to bury the bodies of these babies -- bodies that…

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