Kelly Crowdis
Kelly Crowdis campaign leader

It's going to be raining goats soon!

Since  we started the program in December 2009 150 have completed the year long program and are advancing and branching out in their lives. Some have many mama goats, some have sold to buy other livestock like pigs and cows. All  from one little goat!

As of today we have 90 children from 4 different schools in 3 villages enrolled in the Give A Kid to A Kid Project. It is totally exciting!!! We have 44 children in 2 different areas taking a literacy course combined with the goat project. Also there are about 20 regular guys from the gangs working toward a goat and other life skills. They are learning electrical wiring right now and will be wiring the school building very soon.  

This program is bringing kids to Christ, teaching them responsibility, teaching them management skill along with better goat raising techniques. Our trainers are the main stay in the course. It is their hard work and investment that makes it all pay off.

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU!! and to help us keep looking for funding opportunities. We would like to expand to several kids who have had some schooling but their parents have been down and out and haven't sent them to school in over 2 years. WIth the income from a goat they could go back to school.

The new focus for those already through the program is going to be learning about marketing their meat. We have found a resturant that wants to buy up to 100lbs of meat a week from us. We are doing 50lbs on a 3 month trial.

God is Good!!!


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