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Best Interest of the Child - 900 Signers UPDATE

I want to thank you all who have signed and shared this cause for the rights and safety of the children.  We continue to move forward in bringing attention to the dysfunctional and corrupt family court system.  Our cause continues to grow with supporters concerned about the family court  system and the negative impact on the children. 

Question to you...  What does "Best Interest Of The Child" mean to you?  Safety? Stable environment? Please share what it means to you!

Another example of our family court system failing the children and putting them at risk.  Northern California judge refuses to allow questioning of a whiteness under cross-examination as to her testimony.  The subject matter relates to immigration fraud and the risk of abduction to the child.

Please help us bring attention to this tragedy in our dysfunctional and corrupt family court system and how is it "putting our children at risk".  Please sign our cause and share it with friends and family!  Thank you...

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