Tashmica Firecracker Torok
Tashmica Firecracker Torok campaign leader

Give a Voice to the Grannies and Students of Nyaka


Give 10 of your friends and family members the opportunity to be inspired too.

Share this short 2-minute video about what YOU have accomplished for the children and grannies of Nyaka (http://www.nyakaschool.org) right now!

You have already committed to championing the cause of 641 students (http://www.nyakaschool.org/schools.php) and 7,000 grandmothers (http://www.nyakaschool.org/grandmothers.php) in southwest Uganda. Thank you.

You have built homes for grannies and provided hundreds of children with the only gift (http://www.nyakaschool.org/sponsor-a-student.php) that will prevent them from living a life of poverty - a quality education.

Share the good you've done with others!

Every day thousands of people are drinking clean water (http://www.nyakaschool.org/cleanwater.php), enjoying literacy services (http://www.nyakaschool.org/library.php) and visiting a doctor (http://www.nyakaschool.org/medical-clinic.php) for the first time because of YOU.

Isn't it about time that everyone knew just how much of a world changer you are?

We think so.

Poverty is no match for you.


Tashmica Torok (mailto:[email protected])

PS - Click here to see the full version of The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project Documentary by Brenda Phillips on our website! (http://www.nyakaschool.org)



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