Bridget Pitt
Bridget Pitt campaign leader

Imagine Princess Vlei

Imagine Princess Vlei

We have recently submitted our proposal to the World Design Capital for a community driven design process to create an urban nature park at Princess Vlei. The proposal can be downloaded here (

We know that together we can imagine something much more wonderful for
Princess Vlei than a shopping mall and taxi rank. In the coming weeks and months we will be inviting all intersted parties to share their visions for this space.  Share your ideas for how the Princess Vlei can be developed 
in a way that honours our cultural and environmental heritage on this page (

We plan
to take these ideas to the City Council for a community/city partnership
to create a wonderful public space. 

For further information, please mail us at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]), You can also
look at our website at (

Let's begin to create a new city that loves both people and nature!

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