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Antwion Butler campaign leader

Make Pro-life cities a reality

Good Stewards for Humanity endeavors to create actions that are free, design with busy people in mind and effective. During the Roe V. Wade case a simple question was left unanswered, are the pre-born, "human beings"? While the court may use scientific evidence in the future to answer this question, they will also look to precedent or what the country believes as a whole. Having towns, cities and counties all across the nation legally recognize the pre-born as people can be that precedent. Without a demand from the people this will not happen. We need your voice, defenseless human beings in the womb need your voice. If you haven't already please sign the petition. Once you have signed please promote the petition until it's done. If everyone who has signed would commit to getting one new signature each week we could see pro-life cities by years end.  

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