Karen Chun
Karen Chun campaign leader

SB590 Deferred (e.g. almost dead)

Great work, Warriors against cane burning!

Due to your many,
many emails, the dangerous SB590 was "deferred" meaning it did not
advance and is not scheduled to be heard.  Unless someone revives it
(and I don't think that will happen but I'll keep an eye open) it is

Your response was awesome and your actions created a
victory for us as well as elevating the problem of smoke to statewide

For those of you on Maui, we've got "Ban the Burn"
bumper stickers plus business card sized handouts that let people know
how to make a complaint if they experience being smoked out.  Email back
if you would like to hand out cards or bumper stickers.  See
http://StopCaneBurning.org for photos.

Again - thank you for your effective grassroots work.


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