Alison Kostiew
Alison Kostiew campaign leader

What a Milestone. Over 15000 Boycotters! We are making a difference!

We have collectively achieved a great milestone. This cause now has over 15000 people pledging to boycott Japan. In monetary terms, that's a whole lot of Yen not lining Japanese pockets. There are many other causes, petitions, marches and protests taking place that are all helping towards stopping the slaughter of whales and dolphins in Japan, all this effort being made will have the desired effect, I truly believe this. One day Taiji will be a place where dolphins and whales will swim freely, safe from the horrors that currently take place. The horror and cruelty will be a memory and the sea will remain blue. But until this joyful day comes we must continue to boycott. Please continue to buy from other places than Japan. Alternatives are available for everything we need, Japan has entered a recession, they need our money! Thank you.


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