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CSEC Lobby Day 2013 Recap

Today our voices were heard. 

Drop Dead Gorgeous (DDG) would like to say thank you to everyone who came out to the Georgia State Capitol today for CSEC Lobby Day 2013!  I especially want to thank Jasmine Guy and Mona Stephen for coming out and leading the team into Senator Vincent Fort's office.  Thank you Lindsey Marconi, DDG's Volunteer Coordinator, and DDG Superstars, Dona Cardenas and Catie Alderman!  We were able to walk into our legislators office as a group and it really made an impact.  

We learned about a few initiatives that are taking CSEC head-on in 2013.  

The first is to increase awareness with the Georgia Department of Education and be trained on the issue of CSEC.  Next, an initiative is to feed hungry children so they are less vulnerable to perpetrators.  Last but not least, there is a need for male- focused programs such as F.A.C.E., Fathers Against Child Exploitation based on awareness, mentoring, and discipleship. 

Here is a list of our legislative focus:

* HB 141 that requires the posting of the National Human Trafficking Hotline number in bars, hotels, and venues where it is likely that a human trafficking victim can access information for rescue and safe refuge. 
*  HB 156, relating to computer or electronic pornography and child exploitation prevention, so as to clarify certain acts amounting to unlawfully seducing, soliciting, luring, or enticing a child through the use of a computer online service, Internet service, or similar service.  

*  Legislation promoting "shaming" that strengthens our law requiring the publishing in a legal origin of the names and pictures of perpetrators convicted of buying children for sexual services. Specifically, it would also encourage the publishing of the names and pictures of the convicted perpetrators on the internet, and provide for oversight to ensure compliance with the publication requirement. 

* Legislation following up on last year's bill, providing for the sealing of records for juveniles charged with prostitution.

If you weren't able to join us today you missed an empowering day where real people came together to create lasting and meaningful change. 

Be sure to watch for updates on how you can get involved!

Lindsey Marconi, Allison Nichols, Catie Alderman

Mona Stephen, Senator Vincent Fort, Jasmine Guy

Here you see Senator Unterman speaking.  
Over 700 people showed up at the Freight Depot for CSEC Lobby day today!


Drop Dead Gorgeous

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