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Generosity Day Launching - we need your help!

Dear Friend of Generosity Day!

Generosity Day 2013 is now a few days away and we hope you'll participate again to make this the biggest Generosity Day yet!

We're excited to launch ( as the home of Generosity Day 2013! 

Our big goal this year is to shift from just telling people about the day to promoting one million acts of generosity! It's about moving from idea to action.

Why do we need a Generosity DAY?

Generosity lives in all of us, but too often it gets shouted down, argued away by our rational minds or just by fear.  At yet we know in our hearts the beauty and power of generosity.  We all remember when we've touched another person's life; we never forget the times others have lifted us up.  These are beautiful, connected moments. 

We need to create more space for generosity in our lives.  We need to crack open a door that's been shut for too long. We need a day when we can practice generosity, simply, easily, and not feel alone. That's what we are trying to nurture.

When millions of people embrace Generosity Day, something magical happens.

Change happens.  Hope happens.  Generosity happens, for all of us.

We need your help to spread the word!

We need your help to generate a million acts of kindness and generosity!

1. Please visit ( today and start to share wildly within your community! 

2.  We're looking for local media ambassadors. YOUR local media wants to hear how generosity is a part of YOUR life. We want to put you in touch with them! This is crucial to bring Generosity Day out of Facebook and into people's homes! If you can help, visit here ( or email Chase Ault at [email protected]

Join us in helping Generosity Day 2013 get off to a Ginormously Generous start!

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