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Why Do YOU Care about the Debt? Write Congress a Letter! ($100 Prize)

Congressional Letter

We're hosting a letter
contest asking students to write a mock letter to an elected official. In these
letters, authors are expected to explain why the debt matters to them and what
will happen to their futures if the debt goes unchecked. The author should end
the letter with a solicitation to address the debt crisis. The winner will have their letter used in a campaign to let Congress know Georgetown students care about the debt!

Eligibility Requirements

1.  All letters
must be written by a Georgetown University student

2.  All letters
must be submitted to [email protected]  no
later than 11:59 PM on Sunday, February 24, 2013.


First Place: $100; letter will be
used as a form letter sent to Congressmen on behalf of Georgetown students

Second Place: $50

Third Place: $25


Each letter must reflect the contestant's own research, writing
and original thinking

Up to two (2) letters may be submitted by each contestant

Letters must be typed

The letter text is limited to two (2) double-spaced,
12-point font, single-sided, numbered pages with one-inch margins (letters may be shorter)

should be clearly identified

your letter to [email protected]


Up to Us Team Leaders will select the finalists by 2/25

Judging will take place from 2/24-2/26

All letters
will be evaluated anonymously

leaders will look favorably on statistical data


Any inquiries can be sent to Jayme Amann at [email protected]

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