Cliff N Andrea May
Cliff N Andrea May campaign leader

List Of Concerns

1) Maintenance - There are numerous seats in every theater that are broken and instead of being fixed, they remain broken for months on end. Oftentimes they are covered with a trash bag and/or duck tape, or left as is with foam showing through big tears, and most of them have gum or some obvious stain on them.  The first four theaters, have no cup holders on the seats, making it hard to hold your drinks during the movie, the seats and the carpet is faded and dirty, and the floors are sticky due to a lack of proper cleaning.  All the theaters have a foul odor.  

2) Mold - Numerous theaters have mold on the ceiling tiles.

3) Ticket Lines - Most of the time the lines for tickets are huge, to cut down on the wait time, and having to wait in bad weather conditions, it would help if tickets could be bought online, and if there were more booths at the theater to sell tickets.

4) Movie Availability - Many people have complained about there not being enough show times during the day or evening.  It would help if there movies playing from matinees until the last show time in the evening, without a gap. Especially during the summer! Another complaint is that there are too many family/children's movies being played.  For those not interested in seeing these movies, it leaves them for very few choices.

5) Debit Machine - A lot of times, the debit machine is not working. It causes a lot of people to become frustrated, and sometimes makes them not want to come back if they have to leave to get money.

6) Security - I can't count how many times I have been in the theater and someone is on their phone while the movie is playing.  I have been in a movie while people come in the movie late and begin smoking in the front of the theater.  I have also witnessed people come into the movie late and they were drunk, and then opened more bottles of beer and spilled it on another person watching the movie.  If Picwood had anyone who was willing to stand in on the movies while they were playing and insure the safety and quality of the movie watching experience, they would about these issues and would not exist!

7) Management Contact Information - I feel that if there was a number or email for the customers to contact management or the owners alot of these problems would not exist, which means this petition would not exist.  

8) Staff - The staff is not very friendly at times, more worried about simply doing their job and getting it done.  There are times that if you ask the staff for help, their answer is short and with a rude attitude.

There needs to be some sort of genuine concern from the owners/management for the level of satisfaction of the customers.  Others and myself have made choices to go out of town just to watch a movie in a nice theater that was clean and had friendly staff.  

If there are any more concerns please leave a comment and I will add them.


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