Wendy Kirkland
Wendy Kirkland campaign leader

Last night's meeting with the Midland Co-op Members

Last night's meeting at the Legends Lounge at the Proact Stadium was mainly concerned in explaining why there is a proposal to close Chesterfield's Co-op Department store. The focus was on why the store is losing money, and the internet and Meadowhall were blamed. Neither of these reasons seems feasible, given the arguments outlined - that people prefer to shop at a 'destination' not a town centre, that they would happily drive 15 miles to buy, say, clothes instead of having them available in the town centre. We dispute this, and respond with the argument that people would shop in the Co-op if they could find what they wanted to buy there. We feel this proposed closure is being done with the single goal of asset stripping, and the 100 or so employees will suffer for this, as well as the shoppers of Chesterfield. Please urge all your friends to sign the petition, and get behind the campaign. Toby Perkins MP is behind it, the TUC are behind it, and 1800 people have already signed the petition to say they are behind it. We need 10,000 - so please spread the word.


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