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Our Volunteers Are Lobbying in Albany

Groups have been lobbying to support the Healthy Workplace Bill in New York State for several years. Each year, we gain more and more momentum.

Lobbyists volunteer their time and pay their own way, including: transportation, meals, lodging, etc. 

The only "perks" one receives are our personal experiences meeting with Elected Officials and staff to promote the Healthy Workplace Bill and the positive effects passage of this Bill can have on Employees, as well as Management. 

Most of us are personally involved in the issue of Workplace Bullying as Targets (victims) of Abuse or as relatives and friends.

I used to think that Human Rights Laws protected everyone from Abuse, Bullying and Harassment in the workplace, but that assumption is FALSE.  If you're Gay, you have to prove you're bullied, because you are Gay.  If you're Black. you have to prove it's because you are Black. But what if workers are abused at random, just because your boss feels like it? 

A boss or co-worker can select targets from each protected group: a Latina for a few weeks, a Caucasian next month or anyone else.  It's the "Equal Opportunity" principle! Abusing almost anybody, even for a prolonged period of time is still Legal!  Human Rights, OSHA guidelines and other fantasies of protection I had were blown out the window (#) when it happened to me. 

Check the facts and see for yourself. None of us would ever have believed that Workplace Abuse (aka "Bullying) is still legal!

This is why I humbly request as many people to sign this petition as possible. Thanks in advance to all who do. 

P.S. When this Bill becomes Law, it might even protect you or someone you love.

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